Ryanair offers 50 thousand seats from 9.99 euros for the best European destinations. There is time until 18 September

For Ryanair it is already winter sales time. The Irish airline is projected towards the upcoming Christmas holidays and awaiting their arrival has launched a new timed offer: 50 thousand seats from 9.99 euros to some of the best European destinations.

“100 days a Natale” is the name given to the new initiative, the last in order to convince its customers to take a trip out of the program, taking advantage of advantageous costs. This time the offers range includes 78 routes, from the 1st of October to the 31st of December, and to book, there is time until Monday, September 18th.

The one-way flights include stops in some of the main European cities: from Milan to London and Porto, from Turin to Ibiza and Valencia, from Bologna to Warsaw and Barcelona, ​​from Rome to Copenhagen and Dublin. And many more .

“There are 100 days left until Christmas and to celebrate it we have released 50 thousand to 78 different routes to 9.99 euros, to travel from October to December”, said the airline’s communications director, Robin Kiely , “This extraordinary offer ends at midnight Monday, September 18, so travelers must hurry to plan their winter break “.

CHICAGO, USA – APRIL 11: A passenger plane of United Airlines flies over Chicago, United States on April 11, 2017. Passengers, who couldn’t be convinced to fly next flight, are dropped off with police officers after United Airlines’ overbook application sold a ticket to two people. CEO of United Airlines Oscar Munoz said that the incident was upsetting. (Photo by Bilgin S. Sasmaz/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)


After the effort, comfort. This expression never sounded so good as when I traveled to Austria last spring. After an intense hike-llama , an adventurous canyoning session or any other activity that can be done in any season in the area, I needed to savor some simple pleasures. Fortunately, the region is not short of choice and the culture of the Tyrol is rich in small pleasures to discover.

St Johann in Tirol is a very beautiful Austrian city located in the heart of Tyrol, which has many historical attractions and is worth a guided tour. It is also a very cute little town, where it is good to walk random streets, to discover its colorful houses, shops and cafes and other secrets. Do not hesitate to stop at Wirthaus Post for a delicious meal on the terrace and a good Aperol Spritz.

There are many picturesque towns to visit during a trip to Austria and Tyrol. On another trip, I also had the opportunity to visit Kitzbühel , a city a little bigger, but just as charming, as you can see below.

There are incredible views in every corner of the region. From a café, the terrace of a restaurant, at the end of a hike, up a cable car. The breathtaking views are easily accessible from many places and it is not necessarily necessary to get tired to access them. Best of all, it’s feasible in any weather. The view from the Gipfel Restaurant at the top of Hohe Salve (reachable by cable car) is beautiful and can be savored with a coffee … or in the toilet! I let you discover it for yourself …

My advice for traveling alone in Latin America

  • Trust, walk confidently and without a doubt
  • Use common sense and follow your instinct in any situation
  • Learn Spanish to understand your environment and learn about the country’s culture
  • Take some self-defense classes (I am a black karate belt and that helps my self-confidence, that’s for sure).
  • Do not go out with all your valuable belongings: leave everything at the hostel and take only the necessary money and your camera if needed. Put everything in a locker, there are dishonest travelers.
  • The best is to have a camera that fits in the pocket. I had personally chosen a compact expert .
  • In transit, do not leave all your valuables in your little bag: carry your passport, money, bank cards and SD cards in your seatbelt . If you do not feel safe, hide some money in a ziplock in your shoes: I did it regularly in Colombia.
  • Do not sleep on Colombian night buses, keep your little bag on your lap (as locals do) and watch the cargo hold.
  • Take your bags and your little bag everywhere with you: to the toilets, to the border crossings … everywhere!
  • Some night buses are not recommended, inquire!
  • Make sure you know where the terminal is and how to get to the city and avoid arriving at night, although this is not always possible.
  • Do not display any sign of wealth and try to blend in as much as possible.
  • Ask and listen to the advice of the locals, your friends, other travelers and managers of your hostel. Be aware of the difference, because locals are sometimes as scared as your parents face your solo adventure.
  • Choose the right neighborhood for your hostel: the old center of Montevideo is for example dangerous at night and on weekends.
  • Keep a few notes in a pocket, to give to an abuser. If he wants more, give it all, your life is worth more than the material.
  • In some unsuitable places, do not go alone on a hike, there are sometimes robberies with machetes.
  • Read all you can about the known scams of a country and know you out: for example, fake policemen.
  • Do not go out alone at night if it is not recommended, make a group of friends or take the official taxi.
  • By day, I trust my self and the public transportation system more than the taxi. Do like the locals!
  • Do not try the devil, do not go to unwelcome neighborhoods!
  • Take safe and official taxis from airports and in town. In Colombia, for example, you should never hail a taxi in the street.
  • Get to know women and families in the bus, just to have friends if something happens.
  • Do not get drunk or take drugs alone or without someone you trust outside the hostel.
  • Do not ride in a taxi with several men in it (it’s not valid in Chile with the taxi-buses!).
  • And above all have, trust in yourself, follow your instinct and everything will be fine!

Many of these tips are just common sense and can apply to other areas of the world. Above all, do not panic, do not be paranoid and relax. Traveling alone in Latin America is a great experience that I live every day and it’s not that dangerous. Live your dreams and go on an adventure in Latin America, you will not regret it for a second.

Hitchhiking alone in Latin America

I tested hitchhiking alone and at several in Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile. I never felt in danger. Of course, I am safety rules and would not go hitchhiking in the heart of Lima. I knew girls traveling solo and hitchhiking all over Latin America without worry. To cross the Brazil-Argentina border, I did not want to do it alone and I just caught a German and “forced” him to hitch a ride with me!?

I tested hitchhiking alone and at several in Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile. I never felt in danger. Of course, I am safety rules and would not go hitchhiking in the heart of Lima. I knew girls traveling solo and hitchhiking all over Latin America without worry. To cross the Brazil-Argentina border, I did not want to do it alone and I just caught a German and “forced” him to hitch a ride with me!?

It is very easy to link a friendship with locals, who want you to discover their culture, their friends. I now have so many “families” in Latin America who have opened their hearts and homes to me very naturally. Do not be afraid to learn Spanish and to mix with locals, it’s a very rich experience.

As far as love is concerned, it is important, in my opinion, to learn local customs and codes so as not to miss out. Ask your new friends to orient you! Beware, the danger of being broken in Latin America is very real, men are not known to be very loyal …

The drag is very very present, especially if you are alone and it must be done. I confess, I get angry internally regularly and there are some fingers of honor that get lost. The only remedy is to ignore and continue to walk with your head up. In Colombia, it was on every street corner, the sweet words (or not!) And the sounds of mouth. In Chile and Argentina, it’s the honking, the evil looks, the whistles and other festivities, whether you are in skirt or dirty returning from a hike (history lived). It’s hard at first, but it’s better to build a carapace and forget about it. The culture of machismo is very strong in Latin America.

Traveling alone in Latin America, a state of mind

Being a solo woman or a man in Latin America includes the same risks and I have heard stories from men and women. White slavery and rape are of course something else.

In my opinion, traveling alone in safety in Latin America is above all a state of mind, a matter of trust. Not to look like a tourist or a stranger is mission impossible and nobody makes a mistake. It’s only in Argentina or Brazil that I’m often taken for a local, but elsewhere, I’m far too white, too big, way too blond and my eyes are too blue. My hiking shoes and my North Face parka are also a sign, but I admit that it’s comfortable and I do not want to change that. On the other hand, it is better not to look like a rich tourist and to adopt the penniless tourist style, relaxed, even hippie. The colorful Patagonia outfit from top to bottom, the big Reflex camera around the neck, the Rolex on the wrist, the security pouch on the jeans (yes, yes not hidden), the Iphone in hand, wearing jewelry, the backpack … it’s not a good idea! Try to blend a minimum into the mass. In Colombia for example, people carry the backpack on the front. Do the same. In Argentina, girls do not often take handbags and put everything in their pockets. Do the same …

But more than just dress-up, it’s all about self-confidence! If you walk along the wall, head down, frightened, grabbing your handbag as if it were about life or death, you will probably get the attention and not the one you want. I always walk with my head up, with a smile on my face, in a relaxed way, seeming to know where I’m going (even if it’s not necessarily the case). If I have to look at my card, I land in a corner, I sit on a bench and I look at the map on my phone or at worst on a map. I still have not perfected the art of walking at the same time as the locals and that probably gives the impression that I think I’m in the streets of London, but I’ll never get there. I always asked in advance which areas to avoid and I know where to stop before going into the red zone. (We will not mention the faith, where I found myself near a favela in Buenos Aires at 22h, without knowing how to return home).

The risks of a trip to Latin America

South America and Latin America is a little higher level of the traveler, after Asia. The culture is closer, there are many travelers too, but there is a kind of feeling of permanent insecurity, floating and more or less strong depending on the place. We learn to tame this feeling of insecurity, to keep it in mind to stay on guard, but we also learn to continue to live and not stop doing something because there is any danger. This is how the inhabitants of dangerous cities live, and I find that quite reasonable. We know that there is a risk of a car accident, but that does not prevent us from driving? By cons, we know that there is bad luck, but there are also safety instructions to be applied not to force his bad luck.

In countries where the standard of living is very low, in countries where the permanent devaluation of the currency impoverishes the population, the theft of a telephone, a wallet, a camera or other can bring back a lot. There are other problems, such as FARC, organ theft, drugs, corruption … but these are more localized problems that do not always affect tourists.

Yes, we hear a lot of stories and they are all true, but it’s also like reading the news in newspapers in France: there are always specific cases, bad luck, but most of the time it nothing happens. I knew a Canadian who had stolen her big backpack at the hostel and her purse in the streets of Montevideo. I have heard stories of armed robbery in Argentina, Colombia and Central America. Pickpocketing, snatching flights, scams, rapes or attempted rapes. Yes, I heard all this from the mouths of victims, travelers encountered on the road. Deaths in bus accident too. Unfortunately, this is part of the risks of travel and the risks of life.

As of today, I did not do anything stolen, nor did I have to live in more serious situations and I had to get out of some average situations, but nothing more! I tell you all this in this article about insecurity, bad adventures and scams on the trip.but I assure you, it does not happen in Latin America and it is sometimes even in France. Yesterday, I left the metro in Santiago, in a chic neighborhood, with all my belongings. I was a little lost, tired and I consulted the plan on my phone. It was clear that I was lost and that I was a tourist and that probably explains why someone tried to steal my stuff. However, Santiago is a safer city than elsewhere … Basically, they tried a common scam, which is to swing any product on your big backpack (in my case a kind of black ink), to help you to wash it, while an accomplice steals your little bag filled with your valuable belongings. An old man came to say to me in English, “Excuse me miss, your bag is dirty, like a pigeon’s poop, can I help you clean it? “. I do not know what happened in my brain, I knew the scam, but had never been a victim and without thinking in Spanish, I replied “Thank you, but I do not care” and I continued my way feeling the sticky product running on my fleece, my legs and my leggings …

The road is also very problematic, but it’s valid around the world and there’s a time when you can not stop living and traveling. We can minimize the risk, but not more. Two travelers I had met a week before, died in transport accident, one in Laos, the other in Argentina. In Bolivia, the roads have very bad reputations and accidents are frequent: when it is possible or too dangerous, take the train or the plane, what is the point of taking risks unnecessarily. Be careful also to travel agencies when organizing excursions to isolated places. I am thinking of course of the excursion of Salar Uyuni and South Lipez, where there was a fatal accident two weeks after my passage. Choose your agency, putting the security before the price:I explain all this in detail in my dedicated article .

Discover London by food

I’ve always said that you can eat well in London , it’s not necessarily like the rest of the UK and you have to forget the clichés. Salty or sweet, the city’s trademark is obviously its international cuisine and yes, it even seems that Indian food is better and more authentic in London than in India. I will not say anything, I am not an expert. But then, what about the sweet for a French and his puck delicate and accustomed?

At Fortnum and Mason, we do not taste anything and savor with the eyes, but it makes you want to come back and try all these flavors. Then, stop at Ladurée in Burlington Arcade. Believe it or not, I had never tasted a Ladurée macaroon and had to go to London to do it. A height, a scandal! It was delicious and I picked up a few.

Direction then the Belgian chocolatier Godiva. Once again, it’s a first and it’s divine. I’m back again with pleasure and yes, I’ll come back!

The tour usually ends with an English tea, a perfect end to enjoy London. We are taken to a secret shop in Carnaby,  Choccywoccydoodah , where we discover a top secret and kitsch private room, decorated in a completely delirious and delicious way, with a view of Carnaby and passers-by in the rain. This is the time to taste everything: chocolates, brownies of all flavors, cakes, hot chocolates … and clearly overdose with sugar! But it was good, surprising and original and it would be the perfect place for a bachelor party or celebrate her 30th birthday !